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Mumu P noted

(Translated by Google) The ramen is made on site. The lacquered duck was not very tasty. No wine by the glass. (Original) Les ramens sont faits sur place. Le canard laqué n'était pas très goutu. Pas de vin au verre.

Grégoire Barré noted

kelly limerick noted

(Translated by Google) When I feel sick abroad, I always crave hot Chinese food. Although it is just a simple bowl of noodles, it is very well done. The noodles are q, the vegetables are rich and crispy, and the soup base has a light fragrance. Suddenly I feel better 😂😂 (Original) 在國外身體不舒服時總會想吃熱騰騰的中式菜餚。雖然只是簡單的一碗麵,但是做得非常好。麵條q,蔬菜又多又脆,湯底帶著淡淡的香味。突然感覺身體舒服了😂😂

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